Monday, October 20, 2008

Stonelove Sound in Concert, Jamaica 1994

Stonelove Sound has been in the sound system business for over 35 years. They know dancehall reggae and they are dangerous in combat (sound clash). They have been a model for sound systems all over the world. Today, there are a zillion sound systems all over the world, from Turkey to Chile. All these sound systems are doing a great job in spreading dancehall reggae music all over the world. Big up all sound (they know what we mean). Yeah man!

Find out more about some of these sound systems by visiting the Dancehall Reggae Sound Systems Network. You are going to be surprised by the many places in the world that have thriving dancehall reggae sound systems.

Find it here: Dancehall Reggae Sound Systems Network

p.s. - Big up the Wray & Nephew calendar. Straight! Wray & Nephew makes the greatest white rum in the world. Google them. Bim!

It's beautiful to be revered (Jamaica).

Bonita Jamaica
Beautiful Place. Amazing People.

See you in Jamaica.

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