Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trevor Rhone Named Among Top Three All-Time Black Screen Icons

RHONE. I'm pleased that I was able to represent my country well

Jamaican playwright, screenwriter, actor, director and lecturer, Trevor Rhone has been voted among the top three all-time Black Screen Icons of the past century in an on-line poll that sought to identify 100 of the most significant international Black/African Diaspora personalities in film and television.

Rhone received 10 per cent of the votes to place third behind Sidney Poitier in second place and Denzel Washington who topped the poll.

"This is not at all a bad performance from a Jamaican from the little district of Bellas Gate in St Catherine, and I'm pleased that I was able to represent my country well," a news release from public relations firm Innovative Ideas quoted Rhone yesterday.

According to the release, Spike Lee and Morgan Freeman placed fourth and fifth respectively, in the "All Time Black Screen Icon" category.

The 100 Black Screen Icons was initiated by Every Generation Media, in partnership with the British Film Institute with funding from the Film Council and the BBC.

A special website was created to profile the icons, highlighting the nominees' key achievements and, in addition to showcasing the better-known personalities, shed light on those "unsung personalities whose contribution has furthered the development of global film and TV culture", said the Every Generation website.

"Nominees were drawn from Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and North America and were part of a 100 Black Screen Icons online campaign which promoted African Diaspora creative screen talent, while educating and engaging audiences from all backgrounds and ethnicities," the news release said.

Courtesy of the Jamaica Observer
Tuesday July 31, 2007

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Marley For Her Majesty

The Queen was serenaded with Bob Marley yesterday, as the Jamaican regiment took over the Queen's Guard.

The regiment's 34-strong band attracted a crowd of thousands outside Buckingham Palace, and they played some traditional military music, as well as some Calypso songs and the famous Bob Marley hit, 'One love'.

The British brass band mostly stuck to more traditional songs, with the exception of the Star Wars theme tune.

The ceremony, in which the Queen's guards are exchanged at 11.30, is always a popular event with tourists, but this time it was a particularly special sight.

Mrs Bedford, an Australian visiting Britain, said: "Tourists love coming down for the changing of the guards, and we enjoyed something different".

Many Jamaican members of the crowd were waving their national flag to celebrate their regiment's prestigious honour.

The Jamaican High Commissioner to the UK seemed to share their enthusiasm when he said: "This is a proud summer for Jamaicans in the UK. I urge Londoners and Jamaicans to unite and enjoy together the spectacle of
these remarkable men, each of whom is a soldier and a musician, whose colourful uniform together with their musicianship captures the pride and glory of the Jamaican Defence Force, and indeed our wonderful country".

However, Jamaican pride may be overshadowed by critics who claim that the Jamaican Regiment are being used for the Queen's Guard because the Coldstream Guards, who usually fulfil the duty, may be deployed to Afghanistan later this year.

These allegations have been denied by the Ministry of Defence. A spokesman called the event a "routine exchange", and pointed out that the Jamaican regiment has fulfilled this duty before, eight years ago.

The regiment will also guard the Queen at Windsor Castle, which is thought to be her favourite home, at the end of July.

Their band will be playing in St James's Park on August 1st, to celebrate Jamaica's emancipation day, and on August 6th, which marks Jamaica's 35th year of independence from Britain. They will also appear at Notting Hill Carnival.

Meanwhile, Brits can be safe in the knowledge that the Queen will be well protected. Col Derek Robinson, commander of the Jamaican Regiment, said:

"Training has been intense and the best of my men are looking forward to the honour of guarding Her Majesty".

Story by: Jane Ashford-Thom (July 19, 2007)

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